Summer CSA Week 3

  1. Sugar Snap Peas- Shells are edible! Bag is not tied shut. Sugar Snap Salad
  2. Shelling Peas (bag tied with a brown rubber band, shells not edible, some full shares only have sugar snap peas)- HOW TO SHELL & COOK
  3. SpinachCreamy Spinach and Feta Macaroni and Cheese or Spinach, Almond and Orzo Salad
  4. Spring Onions- Spaghetti with Green Onion Sauce
  5. Garlic Scapes- 7 ways to use scapes
  6. Red Lettuce
  7. Kale–  Kale Salad with Parmesean and Cranberries
  8. Beets with their Greens- Roasted Beets and Sauteed Greens
  9. Eggs

We took a lot of time washing the lettuce this week. It was purely mud all around the plants. With 5″ of rain in the last week, the outer leaves of the plant were caked with mud and looking rather tattered. However, we harvested the centers of the plants without complaint as we REALLY needed the rain. I suggest you rinse your leaves in water again and use a salad spinner (a very handy, inexpensive CSA tool for dealing with drying your greens!).

The peas also were a bit dirty this week, so you may need to give them a rinsing as well. We have 2 different kinds of peas in the shares this week. Sugar snaps which have edible shells and shelling peas which don’t. We tied the shelling pea bag closed with a rubberband in order to delay the impulse snacking on these in the car. Shelling peas bring back memories of sitting and shucking peas into a bowl as a child. Each time I do this, I get nostalgic but I also greatly appreciate the bag of frozen peas that is a staple item in our freezer. I hope you enjoy the shucking, perhaps it’ll bring back memories for you too or create new ones.

The shells on the shelling peas is fibrous and not edible. However, if you hate wasting there is a Pea Pod Soup which uses this waste item. It makes the crop feel a bit more productive by using the shells somehow. However, the chickens on the farm here like them too so all it goes around.

New item this week: Beets! l love their color in the box. Although I love these guys, not all do. Our database has quite a selection of recipes for beets if you need suggestions. The back-up plan for those with very picky beet eaters is to save up enough of the roots over a couple weeks, and make Chocolate Beet Cake. No one knows the difference! But I hardly like to give the fall-out plan yet, as there are many fine ways to eat beets including raw, roasted, grilled, carmelized, in salads and soup. The greens are also edible on the beets so saute them up for some extra nutritious greens.

Kale bunches are also new this week even though we’ve seen the kale in the saute mix earlier. I posted a link to a raw kale salad that seems very interesting. Just remember to cut the kale in small ribbons. We also have kale chips recipe indexed on our website. They are easy and delish. Just don’t burn them!

Wood-Fired Pizza :We are now open for our wood-fired pizza both Thursday and Friday evenings, 4:30-9pm. Upcoming Live Music: Fri, June 22nd, 6-9pm Ditch Lilies, Fri, June 29th, 6-9pm Beef Slough Boys

Eat Well. Smile Often.

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