Fresh and Value-Added Items:


  • Vegetable Stock 1 Qt
  • 2 Quarts of soup:1- Thai Pumpkin and 2-Asparagus Soup, or your customized items
  • Green Beans 1 Qt
  • Broccoli 1 Qt
  • Diced Tomatoes 1 Qt
  • Rhubarb 1 Qt: Classic Rhubarb Crisp

The winter ice has its challenges. We hope you are are keeping upright on your feet and staying on the roads. The sunshine today is a nice relief but I’m not sure how the ice mess will play out here if we get more rain…it’s just not supposed to be raining in the winter! Oh well, we all take it one day at a time and count our blessings.

Since Rachel was “stuck” in Winona the last couple days and the boys were off from school, guess who was lucky enough to help your CSA boxes this week? Yes, Ashlan and Ethan were great helpers polishing up carrots, weighing out produce, and portioning up the shares. Ethan loved grating the coleslaw using our industrial size 20 quart Hobart, and Ashlan did a great job measuring out the kraut and making them look all uniform and covered in their juices. They even had a chance to practice their math skills as they calculated how many total pounds of each produce item we need for all the shares if each share received 1.5#, or various sizes. We use a lot of math here on the farm every day so these real life story problems are useful.

For the month of January, I’m up to my neck in accounting and tax preparations. Each year I vow to stay more caught up to date with these things but in the end I find I fall short and have lots of catching up to do. At least the fire is warm and I enjoy a break feeding the animals, clucking to the chickens, and plowing snow. Then back inside I go ready for a warm cup of tea and some more number crunching.

I have already ordered the majority of seeds for this summer and appreciate that we are gaining more daylight every day. These little rays of hope help the cold, icy days move along as we look forward to things to come.

Eat Well. Smile Often.

Your Farmer,