Jason Schaffner, Heather Secrist and two sons Ashlan & Ethan Smith. Heather's parents, Bob & Barb Secrist.

Left to right: Jason Schaffner, husband of Heather Secrist. Two sons Ethan Smith (age 9) and Ashlan Smith (age 11). Heather’s parents, Bob & Barb Secrist are often found helping out and socializing with guests on pizza nights.

Choosing to move back to this area is a choice I treasure more every year. The bluffs, rivers, and dynamic seasonal changes combined with a community of people who inspire each other to honor the land and strive for their dreams has made living here a great place to raise a family.


Heather Secrist

Heather Secrist

Suncrest Gardens Farmer & Chef

Both Jason and Heather grew up in the west central Wisconsin area only 25 miles apart. After attending separate colleges and engaging in their respective work fields, each moved back to their hometown area to pursue farming.

 Jason runs Trout Spring Farm about 10 miles from Suncrest Gardens. The 90 cow dairy farm has been in his family for over 150 years. His days begin at 3:45am as he commutes to the farm to milk cows and he returns home at 7pm after all has been attended to on his farm.

Heather runs Suncrest Gardens Farm where she plants vegetables, processes and preserves the harvest, prepares the food and farm for summertime pizza nights, and occasionally hosts weddings and private events.

Life is busy running two farms. However, the boys love being apart of each farm’s different operations and living out in the country.