*New Hours for 2018*


Open May 4th – September 29th


Fridays 4:30-8:30pm

Saturdays 3:30-8:30pm

No Reservations Needed.

Open rain or shine.

60 chairs and tables available in the barn.


Fresh From our Fields

Seasonal Ingredients

Flavorful Combinations

Local Micro Brews & Wine

Farm Fresh Appetizers & Sides

When are you open?

We are a seasonal business open May-September. In attempt to better meet our customers needs, we have changed our hours for 2018.

*NEW* hours for 2018 Pizza Season: Fridays 4:30-8:30pm and Saturdays 3:30-8:30pm. 

We will no longer be open Thursdays. Nor are we open on Sundays.

Do I need reservations?

We do not accept reservations. We serve on a first come, first serve basis.

If you plan to come with a group of 20 or more, please let us know so that we can accomodate your large group. We do offer a pre-order option for those ordering 6 large pizzas. Pre-orders must be received the week prior to your arrival. A buffet table comes with the 6 pizza order and a $30 charge is added for reserving the buffet table space, avoiding waiting in line, and having your pizzas ready at a particular time in the evening.

Do you take credit cards?

Check, cash, or credit card are all accepted here.

Can I bring in my own wine/beer?

No. Wisconsin Statute 125 prohibits patrons from bringing their own alcoholic beverages into a restaurant for consumption. All alcohol served in a restaurant must be purchased through a distributor.

Can I bring my dog/pet?

The short answer is no. We love our pets but we have several animals that also live here on the farm. On a beautiful summer night, the yard can be very busy like a carnival. There’s lots of children and people moving about and we just can not have the liability of a pet in the mix.

That being said, if you are travelling and your pet is with you, you can take Fido for a walk on a leash and clean up after him. Sitting outside of the main yard area would be allowed for a limited number due to these circumstances.

Do I need to leave at 8:30pm, the end of business hours?

Our posted hours are for the kitchen, and the duration in which you can put in an order for a pizza. Feel free to stay and enjoy your pizza without feeling rushed.

Are chairs, dinnerware, utensils provided?

We recommend bringing in your own lawn chairs or blankets to sit in the yard. There is a limited number of outdoor tables and roughtly 60 seats with tables inside our barn available for use.

The pizzas are served in a “green” pizza box which has a nifty lid that is perforated to be torn into 4 plates. The remaining box folds down small for leftovers, if there are any! Napkins are provided. We do not provide utensils for the pizza. You may bring any dinnerware you desire if you prefer to be less casual.

Any appetizers, side dishes, or desserts that are purchased come with necessary dinnerware and utensils.

I have an allergy to gluten/dairy/etc. Can I eat here?

Please tell your order taker at the beginning of your order of your allergy specifics.

  • Walnuts and peanut butter are in our kitchen. However, we do accomodate those with nut allergies.
  • Eggs are in the kitchen but are not in our homemade pizza dough. Eggs are in the gluten free dough.
  • Cornmeal is used as the sliding agent under our pizzas.
  • Daiya, dairy-free cheese, is kept in stock as an alternative to those with dairy allergies or vegan preferred.
  • Flour is abundant in the kitchen, but we have a policy for isolating gluten free crusts and the making of them.

We strive to ensure no food contamination when preparing allergy alerted orders. Fresh hands prepare the pizza, the pizza is baked on a sheet pan or a freshly swept hot oven, and is cut with a fresh pizza cutter as one last precaution.

How can I purchase a gift certificate?

We offer gift certificates in the form of a gift card. The minimum amount is $20 and any $5 increments higher can be accomodated.

We can mail the gift cards free of charge!

Giftt cards can be obtained during our open business hours, or they can be arranged via email/phone and scheduled for pickup at the farm.

What can I bring with me?

You may bring in non-alcoholic beverages, BUT please know that we go to great lengths to provide a wide variety of beverages in our coolers stocked for your convience. We also pay for a recycling service to properly dispose of all of the glass, plastic, aluminum, and cardboard as a service to our guests.

You may bring in snacks or desserts. We also serve a variety of appetizers, side salads, and desserts that are available in our beer garden and our food incorporates items raised from this farm.

We do have a “NO COOLER policy” as people were bringing in alcohol and dumping their recycling in the trash or hiding it in bushes. Please be respectful of our space that we’re sharing with you and think of us as you would a restaurant and your friends.

Yard games are encouraged! Have fun with your friends and family!

If you are sensitive to bugs, bring in your preferred bug deterrant as it is an outdoor venue. We do not fog our yard as we are an organic farm and love the other little insects the foggers kill indescriminately.


Some people like to go all out and bring table cloths, candles, umbrellas, fine china, and wine glasses. Do what you like and know that you can get by casually here without bringing that in. If you like to eat pizza with a fork and knife on a hard plate, then you’ll need to bring that in. We provide the pizza box top that comes as perforated plates and napkins.

What can I not bring?
  • Alcohol
  • Pets
  • Drones
  • Coolers
Will my cell phone work there?

Most likely your cell phone will not work and you will most likely lose service driving in the hills on the way here. Be prepared. It is kind of nice to disconnect.

You could use WIFI calling if required. Or we have a land line and a paging system if you need to be reached while at the farm. Our phone number is 608-626-2122. We have accomodated those on call with this system.

We do have guest WIFI at the farm…but you could just disconnect for a while.

Can I just call in my order before I come?

We only accept call-in orders for those looking to pick-up their pizza and eat it at home. We can garantee that we can answer the phone for to-go order only from the time of opening to 6pm. If we’re too busy after 6pm, sometimes we can not get to the phone and need to take care of our customers that are here.

No orders will be taken over the phone if you are eating at the farm. First come, first serve is our policy for this.

We have multiple order takers during busy times to try to reduce ordering line wait times. But this means you may have more wait time in the yard, so plan to relax and enjoy the scenery.

Do you have any tips for ordering?

Have 1 or 2 representatives from your group stand in the ordering line. The rest of your group should go ahead to the yard and find a place to spread out for the evening. The bar is available for grabbing any of our beverages, appetizers, side dishes, and desserts. Someone else in your group could order those items there if they are in urgent need of drink/food. Free well water always on tap!

Read over the menu and know what size and quantity of pizzas you want to order (12″ or 16″) and read if there is a sauce option for your selected pie. Take notes if needed on your phone or we have scratch paper/pencils.

A 16″ pie feeds 2-3 people. A 12″ feeds 1-2 people. Gluten-free crusts are 10″ and are considered a personal pizza.

You may only add or subtract 1 ingredient from a given pizza. Example: hold the onions, or add mushrooms. Otherwise, you need to order a cheese pizza and customize it.

If the ordering line is long, you may grab a beverage from the cooler while you stand in line and drink it. Just pay for it at the counter when you order.

Help your fellow line waiters out and pass back the menus. They are in a labelled box near the line area.

Notify order taker of any allergies at the beginning of your order.


Taste the Difference.

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