Pumpkin Purée Tips

  • Pumpkin purée can be used to replace pure canned pumpkin from the store. A pint container typically replaces a 15oz can.
  • Use the purée for baking sweet treats such as pies, muffins, pancakes, and quick bread.
  • Think savory as well as there are several sauces, curry dishes, hummus dips, and quiches that also use pumpkin purée.
  • Pinterest can be a good source for cruising pumpkin recipes.
  • Do you have just a little purée left over from a recipe? Adid it to a smoothie for added nutrition and as an easy way to use up those leftovers.

Fresh and Value-Added Items:

  • Carrots 2#: homemade ranch dip
  • Potatoes 2#
  • Onions 2#
  • Winter Spinach 6oz
  • Eggs-1 dozen
  • Pickled Chiogga Beets 7oz
  • Pickles 10oz
  • Watermelon Radishes

Frozen Items:

March is upon us and the spastic weather cycle continues. Warm tshirt weather one week while we shlepp through mud and rain, and then back to snow, shoveling, and eagerly getting a few more skis in before the end is near. The beauty of fresh white snow on the landscape is stunning and I take in the last of this fleeting season before succumbing to mud boots for the next couple months. As much as I love spring, it comes with the less glamorous and often challenging mud season.

This last week, I attended the MOSES ORGANIC CONFERENCE in LaCrosse. This is a marvelous congregation of farmers across the country where we learn, share, inspire, and network. I only attended one day this year, but by the end of that day, I found my spirit uplifted and my mind full of sparked ideas and supported passion for growing real food in the year ahead. We are lucky to live so close to a great support system for farmers.

This is our second to last CSA delivery for the winter share. At this point in time, we do not have a plan for a formal fall or winter CSA. We will continue to grow food and create prepared foods in our licensed kitchen which will be available at the farm, on our online store, and the winter farmers market. We plan to offer a “member special” for those that want to continue a regular food relationship with us. Details will evolve regarding that option which would include delivery to local areas for orders over $50.

Eat Well. Smile Often.

Your Farmer,